Uncommon Ways To Deliver Vegan Recipes


If I ask you to think about a chef what comes to your mind? I am quite sure that the authors that I am going to introduce to you, have a style that is quite far from what you have imagined. Forget aprons or nice manners, it’s time to learn some uncommon ways to deliver vegan recipes!


Vegan Black Metal Chef

Close in his dark dungeon, the VBMC writes the lyrics and music for his recipes. You read right, he sings the recipes on black metal “melodies”. Forget, pots, spoons and fork, these tools are replaced by obscure magic pedestals, skulls and swords. His recipes will make you scream Hail Seitan!




The Vegan Zombie

In a not so far future, meat will turn humans in zombies and the only possible cure will be the vegan diet. You can follow Jon, while tries to find zombie-free kitchens and preparing terrific recipes with his humorous style. A must watch.
Meanwhile, the creator of the show, Chris, will be busy with interviews, reviews and vloging.



The Thug Kitchen

I guess that some kind parental guidance is necessary on this one. I will just say that the style of this kitchen is straightforward, I mean, verystraightforward… To put in their own words: “eat like you give a f**k!”.




My mission for today is complete. I hope you will enjoy the recipes of these fellow vegans and maybe have a giggle while you’re at it.
Remember to rate and/or review their profile in our database and feel free to suggest your favorite non-conventional vegan kitchen!


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