What is this website?

My Vegan Database is a collection of resources that aim to promote veganism. Throughout the use of several filtering options it will be simpler and faster to explore the available profiles.

This website is intended as a tool for the vegan community with particular attention for first timers.

How it works?

The entries in the database are sorted by categories that best represent their main purpose(s).

Any profile page in the database shows:

  • a brief description (usually from the “About” page of the original website)
  • a list of links to their social media in the “Keep in touch” box
  • the rating/review panel on the right side of the page

What do you consider vegan?

Every online entity that states clearly a promotion of veganism will be uploaded in the database, the community can then express its appreciation (or lack of it) through the rating system.

Why a rating/review system?

The purpose of a rating/review system is to give the vegan community the opportunity to express itself and, in turn, help the “newbies” to find the most relevant information.

How can I rate a profile?

On the right side of any profile you can see a 5 star rating system under “Rate this item”.

What do you mean Write a Review? Do you want me to write an article for you?

Not at all! Your review can be either a short comment or a detailed explanation of what you like/dislike. 

On the right side of any profile you can find the buttons Write a Review  and User reviews.

I've been vegan for years. Is this website useful to me?

Sometimes, after years, it can happen that we keep following the same websites or resources. My Vegan Database can help to find what is new on the web, based on one’s preferences.

Nothing wrong with the oldies, but why overlook the new ones?

Can I create a list of my favourite profiles?

Every entry has a ‘Follow’ button on the right hand side of the screen. This will give you the opportunity to create a list of your favourite entries/profiles, and also following their updates.

I cannot find my favorite website

If you cannot find your favorite website using the search bar or the filtering system, please go to the page Submit an entry or reach us through our social media!

You do not need to insert all the information required, but the more you can provide the better.

What about profiles or communities online without a website?

Any personal profile or community that has an online space like forums, Facebook pages/groups, Twitter and so on, can be submitted. Having a website is not mandatory.

What if information about an entry is incorrect?

Please use the form in the Contact Us page indicating the wrong information

Is it free?

The creation of a profile on My Vegan Database is 100% free.

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