Probably you have noticed that in the last few years the expression going vegan is often present in blogs, Tv, radio and so on. Maybe you have a rough idea of what it is or maybe you don’t have a clue, but now you want to know! Or, even better, you want to give it a try!

To make your life easier I have put together a list of websites that aim to give you the basics on what “vegan” means, and how to move the first steps.
It is very likely that you will find most information repeated on different sites, but every guide has it’s own style. I hope that you will find the right one(s) for you and stick with that.
This is just a very small selection as a starter, more posts will follow on this blog to guide you through different topics related to veganism.

Let’s start.

Go Vegan by The Vegan SocietyThe Vegan Society

Impossible not to mention the guide by The Vegan Society. This is the organization founded in 1944 by Donald Watson (and other “non-dairy vegetarians”), from which the word “vegan” comes from!



Vegan: Your First Three WeeksVegan [dot] com vegan online guides by

This post by is quite comprehensive and suggests links to other resources. Probably for today’s standards is already in the category TL;DR (too long; didn’t read), but if you don’t mind reading help yourself!



Becoming Vegan by Vegan Starter Kit
Vegan Starter Kit

I really like the aesthetics of this website. Simple and clean, but nonetheless full-packed with information. On the top side of the screen you can find icons that represent different aspects of
veganism. It deserves at least a quick tour.


veganuaryStarter Kit by Veganuary

Inviting people to try to be vegan on the month of January, the guide available in this website can be be used all year around. Besides the very catchy graphic, I have found very interesting the sections about  Top Ten Vegan Myths and Vegan Label Reading Guide.



Veg Kit PDFMercy For Animals Logo by Mercy For Animals

This rich guide of information, with a particular emphasis on the ethical aspect (using some graphic pictures) has the benefit to be potentially usable for leafleting. Most page could be printed out and used to spread information around.


This is it, folks! I hope you enjoyed the post and I would like to hear from you about your favourite beginners guide! Which is the one that made the difference for you? Maybe you have created one on your own? Please shout out!


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